Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Steppin' Out - Layout

Hello again! I'm here with a current favorite layout. These photos were taken when we were walking from The Guggenheim to The Met, my son was acting like his normal crazy self and I had to document it. These types of everyday layout are my favorite.

I used a sketch from Scrapbook Generations One-Page sketches Volume 1. I'm trying to incorporate layering more in my layouts again. This layout is the perfect example of how layering and embellishment clusters don't have to be over the top and complicated, sometimes simple is better.

There is a nice close up of a basic embellishment cluster, a shape for the base, an element with writing, a sticker with writing and enamel dots finish it off. You can see that I've made sure to follow this same pattern in three different areas. The journaling is another that I didn't get a close up of, you can see though the same elements are there just a tiny bit more spread out and almost appear to frame the journaling. Framing key areas is something I like to do, you can see another example of this in the next photo.

This final cluster is just slightly different. I didn't have an element with writing left that I really liked, like the "so random" and "always an adventure" pieces that I used in the other two clusters. I went through my stamp collection and came up with "pure joy" from Elle's studio and it was the perfect giving me the element with writing to finish off the cluster beautifully. Originally I had it stamped and cut out of a piece of plain cardstock to give me the same look as the other pieces but in the end I wanted to keep the pattern of that green chevron paper and it turned out cute.

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  1. Great layout, I love how you mixed up the fonts for the title.

  2. What a fun memory to capture. Nice page design. The paper & embellishments create a sense of movement.

  3. Love the design, and all your little embellishments are perfectly placed!

  4. Oh, how I LOVE this layout! One of my favorites I've seen in some time. I simply love your title work and all the layering, the colors - just awesome work! Keep it up and share lots! :) Melissa

  5. Super cute. Love all the colors!

  6. Great memory. I can't wait to take my son to NY. I've been telling him all about MY city and where I went to college. He loves action so I know he'll love the city.

    The colors and elements on this page are perfect!


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