Monday, March 23, 2015

CREATE - March issue

The March issue went live a while ago and things have been so hectic that I haven't had a chance to share anything yet. I'm carving out a few minutes to share one project today.

Find the link to this magazine and all past issues here.

The first project I wanted to share is my layout for the sketch challenge. It shows a couple of things; 1. You don't have to use a perfect photo, this one my son actually has his eyes closed. 2. Sketches are just guidelines, they are meant to help give direction or inspiration. They aren't meant to be stifling or taken literally 100% of the time.

By moving the vertical strips of paper behind the small panel it allowed me to use one of the popular sunburst type of papers more effectively. The leading lines are something that I love about that paper but it would have been interrupted if I had used the sketch exactly as shown. The other major change was to move the cluster, which happens to be banners in the sketch, to just above the photo. Without the vertical strips of paper it appeared to be floating in mid air, this makes it more of a part of the photo. It's not hard to take a sketch and get exactly the look you want by tweaking things to your liking.

Be sure to download this sketch and others from Scrapbook Generation. There are lot of free options and if you like those there are single, triples, bundles, and so much more! The sketch books are favorites of mine.

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!

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  1. Hi Tasha - this is my first time stopping by. You are so creative! I agree that the photo doesn't have to be perfect. That is such a good tip because perfectionism can hold us back from enjoying the creative process. This is just beautiful - so glad I found your blog!


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