Sunday, May 5, 2013


What a whirlwind NSD was on the Scrapbook Generation blog. I had a blast scrapping and chatting. Okay, more like chatting with a little side of scrapping. The challenges are fantastic and I'm happy to throw my hat into the ring on several.
This fit several challenges

1. Star Challenge

5. Two-Page Sketch Challenge

8. Manufacturer Challenge

First let's talk about the sketch, it was a fun one! I still love banners and knew this would perfect for this set of photos. Funny thing is I already pulled everything to work with this set of photos but scrapped those plans when I saw this sketch. There were a few changes, most notable is that my larger photos aren't 6" tall. I wanted the grid paper for a nice calm photo mat but I only had one sheet and it wouldn't stretch across both sides when over 6" tall. To remedy that problem I simply cut the mat at 6", to make it stretch across both sides, and cut 1/4" off of the photos. Easy as can be and worked like a charm.

Now let's move on the manufacturer challenge, it just so happened that was a happy accident. My Mind's Eye, Boy Crazy, was already pulled for the photos because they were too perfect not to use.

That leaves the star challenge. This was the one that I knew I wanted to do, even if the only challenge I could get to. I love stars and they are so perfect all the pages about my son. Let's look at it up close.

The confetti shaker turned out better than I imagined! It's made using my Silhouette SD and Martha Stewart Starry Sky punch. Please excuse any mistakes while I attempt to walk you through the process of making a star confetti shaker.

First, I opened my star shape. It's one of the free files you get when you first download the software. It looks like this.

I resized it to fit my layout, for the photos I'm going to keep it large to show you which pieces I cut. After resizing, duplicate the image.

For the first star take the outer cut line and move it to the side, group the two inner lines you left behind back together. Now take the outer cut line you moved and duplicate it.

For the second star take the middle cut line and move it to the side, you can then delete it, we won't need it for this shaker. Make sure to group the two cut lines left, the inner and outer lines, back together.

This is what you have and I labeled everything with what I cut it out of.

Of course the glitter paper isn't necessary, you can use whatever you like, I'm just telling you what I used. I used my punch to make some star confetti out of several of the patterned papers used on the page, a bonus is I have some very cute negative start cuts I can use on another project. I used liquid glue, around the edge, to attach my vellum pieces together. First only doing three points of the star and filling it with some of my confetti, then I glued the rest of the star together. The piece I cut with glitter paper goes on top and covers up where the adhesive shows through. Technically the piece labeled paper isn't necessary to the project at all, I just wanted a bit more color and had plenty of the yellow chevron piece left over. Ta-da, you just made a star confetti shaker.

This would be so cute on a card as well. I made sure not to overfill it so the confetti would still move around when you shake it. If I was smart I would have taken the same piece I cut with the glitter paper and cut it out of double-sided adhesive, would have made putting the shaker together even easier. I tend to come up with ideas like that right after I finish.

Thanks for visiting and thank you to SG for the great chat and challenges!

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  1. i love your double page layout, the tutorial for the star is completely awesome.

  2. the confetti star is perfect, great tutorial!


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