Friday, May 10, 2013

You Are So Loved

I had a layout in my bookmarks at Two Peas for a while now using Echo Park's This & That Charming. With one of the challenges on Two Peas to go to your bookmarks for inspiration it was the perfect time to lift it. Lynn Ghahry took my breath away with this layout, it's such a perfect page. It would have never occurred to me to use that collection with a newborn photo but it works.

I've almost duplicated it exactly. If the scrapbook store I bought this at carried the 6x12 chipboard then I would have copied it exactly. It is the perfect way to showcase one of the newborn photos for my son's album, the colors worked with the photo perfectly.

Usually I shy away from buying the matching chipboard for a collection. When I can only think of a way to use one or two of the elements why would I buy the whole thing?

One of the pieces on the layered chipboard piece was an antique car that I knew I wouldn't use, until Lynn showed me how. She used it as a layer for one of the pieces from the 6x12 chipboard sheet in the collection, since I didn't have that I used one of the stickers from the element sticker sheet. Overall it gives the same feel because the shapes are the same, just a bit different in size. Because the sticker can bend I made sure to put foam adhesive under the portion that didn't have chipboard backing it.

There is another sticker layered with chipboard at the bottom as well. This is one of those why didn't I think of that moments, it's a simple concept really. Now I'm looking forward to figuring out how to incorporate some of the other images from the layered chipboard pieces, even if it's just as a background layer.

Linked with Two Peas in a Bucket NSD bookmark challenge.

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